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SEMA is the British trade association of the storage equipment industry and is synonymous with high standards and quality in storage equipment. The SEMA brand is respected and admired not just in the UK but the world over. This is a tribute to the unstinting dedication of its Members over many years in the development of storage equipment standards, Codes of Practice and industry guidelines.

Barton Storage Systems, as a Full SEMA Member, adhere to the criteria set out by SEMA in committing to have achieved certification to BS EN ISO 9000 in interface with a Quality Assessment Schedule (QAS 2000) dealing with the specific requirements of design, manufacture and installation of the principal products supplied by the Association Members.

The scheme ensures that the customer of a SEMA member is guaranteed a quality product from conception to receipt.

QAS 2000, which was developed in conjunction with BSI (British Standards Institute) and other leading authorities and organisations from the storage industry (including designers, manufacturers, distributors and regulatory bodies), specifies the relevant codes of practice and standard for the industry.

The documentation and regular assessment required for compliance with QAS 2000 assures the provision of a QUALITY product or system designed, produced and delivered in a systematic and well-managed way.

Benefits to the customer are:

  • Quality storage equipment products and systems that meet customers’ requirements.
  • Products designed and tested to recognised and approved standards.
  • Consistent level of product quality and supply.
  • Storage products designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with recognised safety standards.
  • Products designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with a system that is subject to a third party assessment.
  • Increased customer/operator confidence on products/systems supplied.
  • Customer requirements clearly identified resulting in improved communications.
  • Products designed to meet specific performance criteria leading to real value for money.

Q - Why Buy From a SEMA Member?

A - Quality, Safety and Reliability

  • SEMA Members are required to conform to industry Codes of Practice
  • SEMA Members' product designs undergo a third party assessment as part of the SEMA QAS
  • SEMA Members' systems, embracing product design, are subject to audit as part of ISO 9000 and/or a rigorous SEMA audit
  • SEMA Members offer customers product traceablilty on original equipment supplied
  • SEMA Members provide products and systems to meet a variety of customer needs with safety as a key focus
  • SEMA Members hold safety as a core consideration throughout the supply chain from product and system design through to installation and use
  • SEMA Members assure customers by adhering to industry safety initiatives such as SEIRS and the Approved Inspector initiative (see website for further details on these initiatives)
  • SEMA Members supply reliable storage solutions based on a total systems approach

Through the careful application of industry Codes of Practice, the adherence to a bespoke quality system and the rigorous application of safety initiatives such as SEIRS, SARI and SAIC, SEMA Members offer customers quality, safety and reliability resulting in real value for money.

Full details of SEMA can be found at http://www.sema.org.uk