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Topdrawer - 60 Drawer Cabinet

Topdrawer - Cabinets c/w 60 Drawers

A range of cabinets complete with 60 transparent styrene drawers which are designed for easier product selection while utilising full use of natural light.
The range provides medium to high volume storage for small parts and is ideal for both office and factory use.
A unique slide design ensures the drawers run smoothly.
With an anti-drop structure the drawers are safely secured when in use.
All cabinets are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel and powder coated in grey.

Dimensions: H937mm x W586 x D222mm

Drawer Size: H55 x W120 x D218mm

Cabinet Capacity 228Kg

Drawer Capacity 3.8Kg

Maximum Divider Locations per Drawer: 3

Number of Dividers Provided: 60

The drawers are manufactured from high impact ABS/Styrene and include inner dividers and I.D labels.
They are fitted with clear front windows for easier visibility of stored items.
Drawers are also oil corrosion resistant and have high impact strength.
All of the drawers can be completely removed.
Additional dividers and index labels can be ordered separately.
  • Pack of 200 Dividers: Part code 052012/200
  • Pack of 100 Index Labels: Part code: 052020/100 (H76 x W14mm)


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052007 Topdrawer - 60 Drawer Cabinet

Topdrawer Cabinets with 60 Drawers