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Mobile Tapered Trucks - Blue

Mobile Tapered Trucks - Blue

These Tapered Trucks are available in 6 sizes with or without lids.

  • Fully nestable for making transportation easier and highly cost effective.
  • Ideal for storage and transportation in factories, retail outlets and catering.
  • The trucks are fitted with recessed plastic bases for additional strength and support (320 litre & 455 litre models only).

Note: Lid RL0087 fits both 72L and 118L Capacity Trucks

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SKU Capacity External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Wheels
RB0003 72L H510 x W460 x D460mm H410 x W410 x D410mm 50mm Castors
RB0120 118L H760 x W460 x D460mm H660 x W410 x D410mm 50mm Castors
RB0121 135L H690 x W530 x D620mm H580 x W465 x D550mm 50mm Castors
RB0227 200L H750 x W480 x D825mm H645 x W410 x D740mm 50mm Castors
RB0317 320L H735 x W685 x D1010mm H595 x W585 x D905mm 100mm Castors
RB0412 455L H755 x W730 x D1345mm H620 x W595 x D1225mm 100mm Castors

Mobile Tapered Trucks