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Rack Netting

Rack Netting
Rack Netting
Rack Netting

Rack Netting

Rack Netting is a lightweight and surprisingly strong product that is perfect for a variety of safety applications around any industrial facility.

Made from high tensity polypropylene the net is light weight and incredibly strong.

A wide range of cord thicknesses and mesh sizes are available so that we can match your requirements with a specific net.

The rack netting is also easy to install and does not suffer from corrosion.

Back of Rack & Safety Netting

Back of rack safety netting is an excellent way of preventing injury and product damage at the back of single runs of pallet racking.

Available in a small range of colours and strengths our unique bracket and fixing installation system
prevents rack twisting and makes the net very quick to install.

  • Prevents accidents and stock damage.
  • Contains a pallet weight of 1000kg.
  • Available in a choice of six colours.
  • Faster installation than traditional methods.
  • For new installations or can be retrofitted.

The price below is a guide.

Prices for specific projects are available on request

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SKU Budget Price
Rack Netting £18.00 per square meter

Rack Netting