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Titan Partitions

Titan Partitions
Titan Partitions
Titan Partitions

Titan Partitions

Titan is a high-quality, two-line double skinned partitioning system ideal for clean room applications.

Its versatility allows it to be used for a variety of other applications including laboratories, hospitals, surgeries, and food preparation, but particularly those applications where appearance is important.

Titan can be multi-tiered and profiled for warehouse and office divisions to create an environment more appropriate for specialised areas;

Titan can also be manufactured in a form that can more readily withstand moist atmospheres.

Titan partitioning has a two-line junction to keep dust traps to a minimum and its powder-coated finish is an ideal surface for clean environments.

It is completely demountable, enabling panels to be removed without having to dismantle the entire structure.

All hardware accessories come in stainless steel as standard due to its exceptional “clean” properties, and flush glazing eliminates ledges and further improves aesthetics.

All joints can be silicone sealed to stop air loss and reduce particle traps.

Additional aesthetic features such as integrated blinds with movable magnetic controls can be provided upon request, and options for extra sound reduction are available.

There are also options for several different floor details including coved skirting, bull nosed skirting, and stainless steel kick plates.

Used in conjunction with the correct air handling and HVAC systems, a Class-5 clean room can be achieved (ISO 14611-1).

Ceilings are formed from a single-line junction panel with an optional facility that enables the ceiling to carry a load of one
person - ideal for maintenance purposes.

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Titan Partitions