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Topstore - Visibins

Topstore - Visibin Containers and Visibin Lids

Visibins represent a new concept in flexible modular storage and display of small parts, manufactured in blue polypropylene.

Visibin Containers are available with or without a hinged clip-shut clear styrene lids.

They provide a lightweight method of displaying and storing a variety of small parts in a dust-free environment.

Visibins are designed to lock onto their own zinc-plated wire mesh grid system creating a strong, lightweight unit with maximum product visibility.


Visibins are sold in packs as shown, and Visibin lids are sold separatly.


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SKU Volume (Litre) Container Dimensions Pack Quantity Reference
012511/54 0.25 L91 x W99 x H47mm Pack of 54 VB1
012521/36 0.5 L153 x W99 x H47mm Pack of 36 VB2
012531/24 1.00 L153 x W200 x H47mm Pack of 24 VB3
012541/18 1.50 L153 x W200 x H79mm Pack of 18 VB4
012551/16 2.00 L153 x W200 x H113mm Pack of 16 VB5
012510/54 - Lid For VB1 Pack of 54 VB1 Lid
012520/36 - Lid for VB2 Pack of 36 VB2 Lid
012530/24 - Lid for VB3 Pack of 24 VB3 Lid
012540/18 - Lid for VB4 Pack of 18 VB4 Lid
012550/16 - Lid for VB5 Pack of 16 VB5 Lid

Topstore - Visibins